Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date with MY Ravi

So, Wednesday was a big date day for Baby Ravi and I. I set the WHOLE day to do stuff with my eldest and end the day checking out an elementary school. So.....we started the day at the park, just chit chatting and having fun and for lunch we had his fave sushi... :-)
While holding hands, leaving the restaurant he said "Mommy, I LOVE spending the day with you". My heart leaped and I felt so blessed. It just reminded me that no matter what type of attention he gets at home, alone time is essential. Having a brother is great for Ravi but, so is alone time with his parents. I will remember this from now on, it's easy to forget in the hustle of life. Lesson learned. I am so proud to have been on a date with such a handsome, funny, smart, charming guy. Big Ravi has some competition. :-)