Monday, October 27, 2008

Ravi's 4th birthday party was a hit. However, I am still recovering from a playground of kids. :-) Afterwards I asked Ravi, "did you like you party?" He replies "oh yes, thank you soooo much!"
I chuckled to myself and thought, what a big guy I have. Then I stop to think, oh my goodness. He IS getting bigger. Yikes!
At that moment I checked my motherly emotions. I remind myself, he'll ALWAYS be my baby but, he has to keep growing. It is the way God intended us to live. Accept and cherish these moments.
So with reluctancy, I agree with time. Ok fine, but.... he's still my Ravi. My baby boy who loves to cuddle and even though he talks big will have moments of baby talk with me alone.
Geez, times just flies by. Sometimes, way to quickly to grasp. Where did the last four years go? I remember his first steps like they were yesterday. Now he's running around, making friends. He's grown so much this last year. He's a terrific brother and a wonderful son. How blessed we are to be the parents of such a great boy. Thank God for all his blessings.